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      2D Animation Course List

      The courses in the Certificate in 2D Animation are designed to provide you with the skills you’ll need to pursue a career in your chosen field. All of our courses are built to challenge you while providing you with industry relevant skills as you learn via multiple interactive methods including text, video, animation, chat and more.

      Total Credit Hours - 42

      Students pursuing the Certificate in 2D Animation are required to take a total of 14 courses as follows:

      • 14 core courses

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      Core Curriculum 42

      Students are required to take 14 core courses as follows:

      C123 - Life Drawing for Animation

      In this course students will continue to develop the use of basic understructure for animation. Proportion will be stressed as well as the refinement of body joints, hands, feet and head.

      Prerequisite(s): C131
      Credits: 3
      C124 - Character and Object Design for Animation

      In this course, students will design and draw original characters or objects appropriate to and for the animation and/or the gaming industries. Students will learn proper proportion and production protocol to generate pipeline ready model sheets. Course assignments include gesture drawings, action poses and turnarounds.

      Prerequisite(s): None
      Credits: 3
      C131 - Drawing and Anatomies

      In this course, students will focus on rendering the human figure as well as animals. Traditional methods of figure drawing will be used and students will learn the basics of understructure for animation using line and shape for maintaining volume.

      Prerequisite(s): FND110
      Credits: 3
      C132 - Survey of Animation

      This course is an historical survey of traditional animation. Students learn to identify various types of animation. The illusion of artistic animation is analyzed and executed through exercises. This course also involves discussions of new developments and future trends in the industry, analysis of major sectors of the industry and the career opportunities within them.

      Prerequisite(s): None
      Credits: 3
      C210 - 2D Animation

      Students will continue to develop skills involving the principles of animation, character development, key drawings and timing charts. The main focus will be on combining shots to understand screen direction and further studies of locomotion.

      Prerequisite(s): C234
      Credits: 3
      C211 - Storyboard Rendering for Animation

      This course explores design graphics for effective animated sequences through the development of storyboards. Students will utilize design, drawing and rendering skills, as well as problem-solving creativity.

      C321 or GAD131
      Credits: 3
      C213 - Advanced Life Drawing for Animation

      In this course students will continue to develop the figure by using the basic understructure for animation. Rotation of poses, simple motion studies, sense of weight, gesture studies, action line, and the use of light and shadows will be incorporated in the development of the figure studies.

      Prerequisite(s): C123
      Credits: 3
      C220 - Intermediate 2D Animation

      An introduction to the development of personality and emotion in animated characters is explored. Students will produce an animation of a character expressing emotions and also will work with multiple characters to increase the level of complexity.

      C210 or GAD132
      Credits: 3
      C230 - Advanced 2D Animation

      In this course, building on the study of personality and emotion in character animation, students are responsible for organizing the elements required to finish an animated short.

      Prerequisite(s): C220
      Credits: 3
      C234 - Principles of Animation

      This course is a practical survey covering the principles of animation. Animation exercises are explored and students learn to use a capture system to study and analyze the flow of movement.

      Prerequisite(s): C124 C132
      Credits: 3
      C314 - 2D Digital Animation

      This course is an introduction to the 2D digital animation production. process The student will apply their traditional animation skills using a 2D animation software package. Students will create a fully colored and rendered animation.

      Prerequisite(s): C220 C334
      Credits: 3
      C321 - Acting/Movement

      This course will introduce the student to the perception and rendition of movement in animation through references in the real world. The student will learn to observe & reproduce movement, human or otherwise, in a convincing manner and will transcribe those notions to the 3-D and 2-D environment.

      Prerequisite(s): C122 or C123
      Credits: 3
      C334 - Web Animation

      This is an introductory course in animation for the Web. The students will explore the creation of animation using current industry standard vector and raster based software for producing animation to be used on the Internet and similar content formats.

      Prerequisite(s): C220 C310
      Credits: 3
      C440 - Portfolio for 2D Animation

      This course will focus on the refinement of previous work into a comprehensive collection representative of Character Animation skills. Emphasis will be on development, design, craftsmanship and presentation. This course begins the process of examining the student’s strengths and building upon them to produce a marketable portfolio.

      Successfully completed 36 credits in the 2D Animation Certificate Program
      Credits: 3
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