1. Faculty With Real World Experience

      As the leader in online creative arts education, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division is devoted to your success as a student. A large part of that success is offering access to outstanding faculty who can help prepare you to create tomorrow.

      Helping You to Create Tomorrow

      All of our faculty have attended orientation through Socrates Distance Learning Technologies Group®, which sets the standard for excellence in online faculty instruction. This orientation equips each instructor with the skills and knowledge to support your success in our online classrooms - and only Socrates Qualified Instructors are eligible to lead our courses.

      If you are interested in becoming a faculty member at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division Division, please visit Socrates, our online faculty application website.

      Same Education, Online Convenience

      Our faculty use the same curriculum taught at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Plus, there's lots of two-way communication with faculty and other students because this exciting way of learning includes multiple interactive methods - text, video, animation, chat - and more.

      Meet Our Faculty

      You can view some of our faculty members' artwork here.

      "I consider myself so fortunate to have found myself in the world of interactive media. As a person who loves variety in my life and in my work, this industry offers endless possibilities and opportunities for creative growth. It's a field that requires continual learning and experimentation. It's challenging and exciting. It's a world for which my passion never wanes, only expands. I look forward to sharing that passion with you."
      Summer Brow, Faculty, Interactive Media Design

      "Gaining an education in interior design means planning a future in which your work will create the environments in which we live, work, and play. It is a field with diverse avenues in which the safety and welfare of the public are united with the fascinating world of art and design. The creativity is limitless!"
      May Dunn-Palensky, Faculty, Interior Design

      "Many of my students already have good jobs in the advertising industry but they realize that to have great jobs it takes additional education. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division gives you the chance to complete your degree online while working and continuing your real world experience. Let us give you the knowledge that it takes to move you to the next level".
      Andrew Stenman, Faculty, Advertising

      "Our Game Art & Design program allows you to participate in a truly interactive learning experience. Engage in compelling discussions on important game industry issues. Develop your own personal artistic style through original game-specific art and animation. Build environments, levels and mods using game software and write detailed design documentation for your original game ideas. As a teacher in this exciting field I provide feedback and guidance regarding your game development work and career goals."
      Jeannie Novak, Instructor, Game Art & Design

      "Graphic design has a wide range of areas to study - it includes traditional print, web, multimedia and more. There are no boundaries to how you can apply your design knowledge and creative skills. A well-built student portfolio will become a great door opener for professional opportunities."
      Elena Martignon, Instructor, Graphic Design

    2. View Gallery

      Selected works from students and faculty.

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      The Office of Student Community (OSC) plays a major role in student-related activities. OSC strives to build relationships between students, faculty, and staff members...Visit the group page
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      The National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. Founded in 1984...Visit the group page
      Student Advisory Board
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