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If you’re ready to start focusing on what you love, we’re ready to assist you with the admissions process. Get started with these three easy steps!

Step 1: Contact Admissions

Contact an Admissions Representative to learn more about our creative programs and the enrollment process. Get in touch with us here or call 1-877-872-8869.

Get In Touch

Step 2: Apply

An Admissions Representative will review the admissions process with you by phone and help you complete our online application process. To better serve you, we will request and pay for your college transcripts.

Online Application

Step 3: Financial planning

A Student Finance Counselor will work with you to help you develop a financial plan that meets your needs and puts your education within reach. Call today to discuss the financial options available to you at 1-877-872-8869.

Enrollment forms

As you complete the enrollment process, your Admissions Representative will walk you through completing any and all of the required forms.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact us at 1-877-872-8869.

Returning students?

At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, we understand that a variety of factors may have caused you to take a break from your education, but not from your dream of pursuing a creative career. We’re ready to help students like you get back on track toward your educational and professional goals. To get started, call us at 1-877-872-8869 (Option 4).

Transfer student?

If you’ve taken courses at another Art Institutes school or another college, or accredited institution, we’ll review your official transcripts to see if this work can count toward your degree*. To receive credit, you must meet minimum grade requirements and have taken courses with descriptions comparable to our courses. To get started call us at 1-877-872-8869 (Option 4).

*Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by case basis. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division offers no guarantee that credit earned at another institution will be accepted into a program of study offered by The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division.

Want credit for what you already know?

Experiential learning

Do you have professional experience and knowledge that relates to one of your required courses? You can submit relevant work or life experience (including portfolios, writing samples, publications, employment verification, references, and other documentation) to be reviewed for course credit. A fee will be assessed to review your request, but earning credit for life experiences can reduce the total time and money you put toward your degree.


The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) gives you an opportunity to earn credit for select general education courses in English, Science/Math, Humanities, or Social Science. While each exam does involve a fee, you can save money if you’re able to test out of our general education courses. If you’re considering CLEP, be sure to let us know—we’ll provide you with information about approved exams, minimum scores, and credits awarded. We’ll also need to see your scores prior to your first day of class.

To learn more about how to earn credit toward your degree, contact us at 1-877-872-8869 today!

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