The Art Institutes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

written by Georgia Schumacher 6 February 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week prep

On February 17, 2015, 12 students and alumni from The Art Institutes system of schools, will debut their Fall/Winter 2015 collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in NYC.

This is the 4th time that The Art Institutes has partnered with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to help our students and graduates shine on fashion’s biggest stage in front of celebrities, fashion elite, and potential employers.

Want to watch the event live?

Join us at on February 17 at 8PM EST.

Meet the Designers

Learn more about these designers, their creative process, and what inspired them to study fashion design in our exclusive Q&A sessions with each of these inspiring members of our community. Find them all here!

You're Invited: February 2015 Student Events

written by Georgia Schumacher 2 February 2015


There’s a lot going on at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division this month! Register now for these online events and find even more webinars on the Campus Common Events Calendar!

Upcoming February Events

Illustrator Bootcamp 2: Drawing, Color & Type
Tuesday, February 3, 2pm ET
Designed for students in Color Theory and Design Fundamentals. Topics include vector drawing, mixing, and modifying color and using type.

Photoshop Bootcamp 1: Presenting Artwork
Tuesday, February 10, 12pm ET
Designed for students in Observational Drawing and Perspective Drawing. Topics include how to format and present scanned or photographed work in a professional manner, basic workflow, and introduction to Layers.

All About Online Volunteering: A Connections Club
Tuesday, February 10, 7pm ET
Natalie Hruska, the Volunteer Club Advisor, will lead the discussion on how to start volunteering online and connect with organizations looking for help. Attendees are also invited to share their volunteering experiences during the meeting.

Photoshop Bootcamp 2: Basic Designing
Monday, February 16, 6pm ET
Designed for students in Color Theory and Design Fundamentals. Topics include painting, drawing shapes, and manipulating color.

Welcome to Connections Tour
Tuesday, February 17, 7pm ET
Julie Minnaugh, Student Community Manager, will walk you through how to create a profile, network with peers and faculty members, and become involved in your student community via Connections!

AIGA (The Professional Association for Design) Chapter Meeting
Wednesday, February 18, 7pm ET
Guest Presenter, Kristen Ulfer, the Creative Director at the Houston Zoo, will discuss her career in graphic design and share insight into the career field and her experiences designing for the Houston Zoo. Visit the AIGA Organization group in Connections to learn how to become a member of the AIGA Interest Group.

Art Foundations Student Orientation: How to Succeed
Monday, February, 23, 1:30pm ET
Designed for all students taking an Art Foundations (FND) course, this webinar can help you get study tips, learn how to write critiques, and get a jump start with course expectations. Take a guided tour of where and how to get help when you need it.

Kappa Pi First Annual Art Exhibition
Tuesday, February 24, 7pm ET
This event will feature the art of Kappa Pi members. All are welcome to attend! The deadline for submissions from Kappa Pi members is February 11. Selected submissions will also be shared in Connections. See the Connections organization page for details.

Internship webinar picture

Unlocking the Mystery of the Internship
Thursday, February 26, 8:30 pm ET
Presented by the Graphic Design Department, this webinar will help you learn the secrets of finding the right internship that can help you develop your talents and skills.

Register for any of the above events via the Campus Common Events calendar.

Weekly Meetings

Math LIVE!
Held Mondays, Thursdays, & Saturdays.
Each webinar is a 60-minute informal study session with a full-time math faculty member in which you can ask math questions, enrich your grasp on the class material, and gain useful assignment guidance. By attending a Math LIVE! event, you may also be eligible to receive bonus points in your math course.

International Game Developers Association (IGDA)
IGDA meetings weekly on Wednesday at 9pm ET. Learn more here about IGDA meetings and why all students interested in game design are encouraged to join!

In Case You Missed It

The Student Activities Night was Wednesday, January 21, and included presenters from the following groups:

• Online Volunteer Club
• American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Interest Group
• Student Photographic Society
• International Game Developers Association (IGDA)
• Graphic Design Group
• National Technical Honor Society
• Kappa Pi International Honorary Art Fraternity

View the event recording now!

Introducing Our Portfolio Gallery (And 5 Reasons to Start Using It Today!)

written by Georgia Schumacher 27 January 2015

We’re excited to announce that The Art Institutes has partnered with Behance ─ the largest online portfolio site ─ to create a dynamic new portfolio gallery. As a student or an alum, you’ll now have the opportunity to share your work with one another, with clients, and with potential employers on one easy-to-access platform.

Portfolio site

Here are 5 great reasons to create a profile on the site and use it regularly!

1. Gain Exposure for Your Work

After putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your pieces, you owe it to yourself to give your work the exposure it deserves. Gain a following by uploading your work to the site to let everyone see what you’re capable of creating!

2. Connect with Potential Employers

Your creative talents can take you far in life, so join the site to showcase these skills to potential employers. Hiring managers, recruiters, and potential clients are checking out the works of art on display, so don’t miss your chance to get discovered.

3. See What Your Peers are Doing

A lot of very talented people teach at, currently attend, and have graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh ─ Online Division. Check out the amazing pieces created by these members of your creative community and get inspired by the incredible works they’ve produced.

4. Manage Your Online Portfolio

It’s important to keep on your online presence up-to-date, but with so many different places to upload your work, this task can be daunting. Combat this by managing your online portfolio here and syncing it with your other existing accounts on sites like Behance and LinkedIn.

5. Get in Touch with Other Creatives

Whether you’re looking for someone to partner with on a project or simply want advice from an established professional, use the site to contact students and alumni with any questions you have about their work, creative inspirations or for advice on getting started in a particular industry.

Ready to get started with the new Art Institutes Portfolio Gallery? Sign up here and get to work!

Save the Date ─ The 2015 Commencement Ceremony

written by Georgia Schumacher 23 January 2015

Attention graduating class ─ your big day is almost here! The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division commencement will be hosted on Friday, June 19, 2015, at 12:00 PM at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, 4141 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh President George Sebolt as well as the deans, the department chairs, and faculty members will lead the procession into the auditorium to the accompaniment of Pomp & Circumstance.

Please mark your calendars, and note that an email invitation will be sent out in March with more information for all pending graduates and those who graduated during the 2014-2015 school year.

Everyone is invited

Tickets are not needed for entry, so you may bring as many guests as you’d like to the ceremony. Spread the word to your friends and family now, so everyone can make the necessary arrangements to attend!

A call for student speakers

We are also looking for prospective graduates to deliver the student address for the June 2015 Commencement. If you’re interested in delivering the commencement address, please email a copy of your speech to Jeff Braun at by Friday, May 22, 2015.

Can't make it to Pittsburgh?

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished! If you won’t be able to travel to Pittsburgh for graduation, you can still participate in your own local campus commencement ceremony. Please contact your Academic Counselor for details.

Get social

As graduation approaches and your excitement builds, don’t forget to tag your relevant Instagram photos, Facebook posts, and tweets with #AiGrad!

Twists and Turns: My 21-year Journey

written by Student 21 January 2015

By Angela Korynoski, 2014 Graduate, Associate of Science, Graphic Design
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division


"The plan was written"

If you saw me walking down the hallway, you would have no idea of the journey I have taken to accomplish something many others have not been able to do.

You see my journey began in 11th grade. I begged my parents to travel 2 hours out of their way to visit an art school. After wearing out the words, “Please, please, please,” they gave in to my whining.

I convinced them that the ride wasn’t as long as it seemed, and we arrived at the building safely. With amazement, I walked the halls of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, smiling and gazing and touching all the wonderful artwork that I saw. I hung on every word of the tour guide. My stepdad laughed at my silly drooling face. But that was it! I was sold. The plan was written and The Art Institute was in my future.

"I always knew there was a creative side"

But the plan was cut very short. Because, at the start of my senior year—October 18, 1992 to be exact—my life was changed forever as I knew it. I was in a serious car accident. Many tell me that I had a guardian angel with me that night. You see, I broke my neck and my nose, dislocated my shoulder, cut up my face, got hypothermia from landing in the ice water, and temporarily lost the use of my upper body. Yep, that’s right…my hands were gone, and, with them, my dream of art school, or at least so I thought.

After a year of rehab, I was mostly back to normal, but I wasn’t able to venture away to school like I wanted, and I settled for a Personal Computer Specialist Degree from a local tech school. This was not a bad career choice, but I always knew there was a creative side that needed to surface in me. I felt stifled.

10 years, 3 children, and a divorce later, I thought to myself, “I really want to go to college.” I thought maybe I could just take a class or two so I could say that I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I made a phone call and to my surprise they said they had a Delayed Start Date listed for me. I was flabbergasted and knew I was meant to be there. I made arrangements for the kids to stay with their dad and my family during the week, and I would drive back and forth in between my classes and on weekends. But after a year of burning the candle at both ends with double classes, a part-time job, and mommy duty, I fell apart and gave up. I was internally destroyed and disappointed in myself. 

"I am saying this to you with the largest smile on my face"

However, 2 years ago, I said to myself, “I MUST TRY AGAIN!” There was no way I would be able to attend the campus in my original program of Industrial Design but I figured I could adapt. The staff at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division was incredibly helpful with transferring my classes that pertained to a Graphic Design degree program so that I could finish my college dream online, in the comforts of my northern home beside my family.

Balancing schoolwork and life was no doubt an issue that I often struggled with and there were many moments in which I thought there was no way I could get through it. I had moments of exhaustion, tears, and plain old loss of focus, but the people at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division and my family were amazing in picking me up and putting me back on track.

So I am saying this to you with the largest smile on my face and a small tear in my eye, “I completed all of my courses for my Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division as of October 25, 2014!”—21 years later, but nonetheless, I DID IT! 

I end this story of my journey with a few words of advice: listen to your heart, go after your dreams. and have faith!