6 Reasons to RSVP for an Art Institute Portfolio Show

written by Georgia Schumacher 11 March 2014

Now, graduating students at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division can display art at any of our portfolio shows across the country! This is a great opportunity for all current and graduating students to meet employers, browse peer work, and much more. This year, we have over 40 locations for you to choose from, so find the location closest to you and RSVP today.

1. Get noticed by potential employers. Employers will be attending each portfolio show searching for up-and-coming individuals like you, and this could be the place where you truly kick off your creative career. Don’t miss this chance to highlight your work and everything you have to offer!

2. Share what you’re passionate about. Since you joined The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, you’ve done so much. You’ve put a lot of time, effort, and creative energy into your work. Why not show off what you’ve created as an art school student? You’ve got a lot to be proud of!

3. Celebrate your accomplishments with your family and friends. Are you displaying your portfolio? Invite your friends and family to your show to demonstrate how you’ve been putting your creative talents and skills to work. Show them what their constant support has helped you to create.

4. Discover how your art school peers have been spending their time. See work from across our design, media arts, fashion, and culinary arts programs. Some of your peers’ work may even be available for your touching, tasting, or listening pleasure. Be prepared to engage most—if not all—of your senses at our portfolio shows!

5. Inspire those who are considering attending an art school. By following your passion, you’re setting an example for those who will come after you. Sharing your artwork and your creativity could help to inspire the next generation of creative professionals.

6. Experience the future of creative arts. Even if you aren’t graduating yet, attending a portfolio show can not only inspire your creativity but can also give you a sense of the direction your industry is heading. Meet the future designers, artists and culinary experts who will make their mark in the years to come!

Want to attend? RSVP today at http://aiportfolioshow.com/.

Are you an upcoming or recent grad and would like to show your portfolio? Contact your Career Services Advisor for more information!

Your Feedback Matters: Take the Priorities Survey for Online Learners Today

written by Georgia Schumacher 7 March 2014

At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh -- Online Division, our faculty and staff work every day to support our students’ academic success. As a vital part of our community, your opinions and feedback are critical for allowing us to continue improving our support and your experience as a student.

Watch the Video!

Watch the video to learn more!

To gather your opinions, we launched the annual Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL) in the Campus Common on February 24, 2014. This survey will remain open until March 24, 2014, and is designed to measure your satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

Your feedback will be used to better shape and enhance the online experience for our students. As an outcome of past surveys, we’ve implemented many changes, including the following:

• Increased clarity on assignment rubrics for classroom discussions
• Expanded the availability of tutoring and academic support
• Improved timeliness of faculty feedback and student interactions
• Launched a mobile website and app for easier on-the-go access

We appreciate your time in enabling us to improve the quality of your own educational experience as well as the experience of the many students who will come after you! To take your survey, access the Campus Common and click the yellow “Complete your survey today” button directly above the My Classes Dashboard. Your feedback will be completely anonymous.

Thank you again for helping us to serve you better!

You're Invited to Join Our Student Veterans Group!

written by Georgia Schumacher 25 February 2014

A Letter from the Newsletter Editor of Student Veterans of America

Military Boots

Greetings to my fellow veterans and students,

My name is Joel Wideman, and I am the Newsletter Editor of the Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division. I'm writing to tell you about the importance of this club and why you should consider joining.

The SVA is designed to support active military personnel and veterans as well as their families and surrounding communities. We are a registered chapter of the national Student Veterans of America, and if you are interested in becoming a member, we would love to have you. Together, we strive to:

• Serve the community - especially active military personnel, veterans and their families - through volunteering and fundraising events.

• Advocate for and raise awareness to the general public about issues important to active military personnel, veterans and their families.

• Provide information to veterans about their benefits as well as related governmental policies and procedures.

• Help veterans find other support groups outside The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division.

• Provide a place for active military, veterans, and military dependent students at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division to meet and support each other.

From 1992-1996, I was in the U.S. Navy as a Ship's Servicemen, serving most of the time onboard the USS John F. Kennedy. At different times, I worked in the ship's laundry, in the barbershop, and in the retail store. Since then, I've become an author, an artist, a designer, and a musician.

I am pursuing an Associate of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media, and I'd like to get know the rest of you at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division. This organization is our chance to support and help one another to achieve our goals in school. Check out the group in Connections and join us. I look forward to meeting each of you!


Student Joel Wideman
Associate of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media Student
Newsletter Editor of Student Veterans of America
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division

Alumni Spotlight: Gail Hooks Donates for Education Foundation Scholarship

written by Georgia Schumacher 21 February 2014

Brazilian lyricist and inspirational worldly author, Paulo Coelho once said “People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of”. This is certainly true for retired U.S. Air Force member and Art Institute alumni Gail Hook. Gail, who grew up in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, has always strived for success by giving it her all and following her passion. She is a person who believes that true success comes only when you put your whole heart and soul into what you do. Gail’s passion for the art of food and enthusiastic outlook on life led her to explore art schools and ultimately pursue culinary arts at The Art Institute.

Because Gail was serving her country in the U.S. Air Force, she needed to find a school that offered flexible art programs. Gail wanted an art school that allowed her to take both evening and online classes, so that she could continue working while earning her degree.


At the time, she was living in Washington, D.C, and upon discovering The Art Institute of Washington, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta, she immediately enrolled. Later, she moved on to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division. Gail explained, “The online classes provided the flexibility and convenience to complete my degree program."

Despite her constant travels, Gail earned a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management degree in 2011. In a recent interview, Gail expressed her satisfaction with her education, saying “The Art Institute is making it possible for so many students to have the opportunity to get first-rate culinary training.” She added, “The education I received from AI was top-notch and prepared me for more than just cooking; it was total training that prepared me to work in other facets of the culinary field.” She described her proudest moment as receiving her diploma in front of her family—a particularly special moment since Gail, at age 56, was the first person in her family to graduate from a U.S. college.

As part of her personal mission, Gail wanted to help others pursue their goals and complete their education. Thus, she generously worked with the Education Foundation to set up a $1,500 tuition scholarship for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Management or a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division.

Currently Gail is deployed in Afghanistan but plans to pursue her dream of starting her own catering establishment. We are proud of Gail and look forward to seeing her do great things in the future.

More About the Scholarship

Get more information about The Education Foundation’s Gail Hook Scholarship (including terms and requirements) here. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2014.

Inspired by Love? Meet These 4 Creative Couples.

written by Georgia Schumacher 11 February 2014

Ai HeartAs Valentine's Day quickly approaches, there's no doubt that love is in the air. A source of inspiration for creative individuals around the world, love has been the focal point for many of the great artistic masterpieces that are still studied and admired today. Yet, we don't often discuss the love shared by some of the great artists themselves. As a starting point to explore the relationship between art and emotion, we've compiled the following list of famous artist and creative couples.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (Oil Painting)

Perhaps the most well known couple on our list, these two Mexican artists are known not only for their famous art but also for their passionate, yet often unstable relationship. The pair first married in 1929, but later divorced in 1940, which some suspect was a result of their 21-year age difference. However, the couple reunited and remarried in the same year, though this marriage seemed no less volatile. Although many considered Diego Rivera to be the greatest living artist in Mexico at the time, he felt that his wife, Frida Kahlo, had earned that title instead.

Willem and Elaine de Kooning (Painting)

Willem and Elaine de Kooning were both prolific and influential expressionists in the United States. Willem was well known as a Dutch American action painter, while Elaine was known for her landscape and portrait art. They originally met in 1938, opting to marry only a few years later in 1943, remaining a couple until Elaine's death in 1989.

Lee Krasner & Jackson Pollock (Painting)

Another pair of abstract expressionists, Lee Krasner & Jackson Pollock met in 1942 and then married three years later in 1945. Eventually, Pollock’s increasing popularity caused Krasner to distant herself from husband, at least artistically, often signing her art as "L.K." so that she wouldn't be automatically recognized as Pollock's wife.

Jeanne-Claude and Christo (Environmental Art)

Born on the same date, Bulgarian-born Christo and French-born Jeanne-Claude were first introduced to each other in Paris in 1958, after Christo was hired to create a painting of Jeanne-Claude's mother. In the next five years, a lot happened. After the birth of their son in 1960, they first collaborated on artwork in 1961, married in 1962, and moved to New York City in 1964. Since then, their environmental artwork and large-scale installation pieces have been featured in numerous documentaries and displayed in famous outdoor setting across the world. They stayed together until Jeanne-Claude’s passing in 2009.

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