Explore Culinary Management

In this industry, professionals must understand the diverse facets of managing food service operations, including restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and more. Our programs in the area of Culinary Management are designed to teach you how to manage people, control costs, attract customers, and succeed in this competitive industry.

Culinary Management (Bachelor’s Degree)

In our Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management degree program, we can prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need for to become a successful manager in the culinary field.

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Hotel & Restaurant Management (Bachelor's Degree)

Passionate about business management and culinary operations? Our Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management degree program can provide you with the key skills you’ll need to pursue a career in hotel, resort, and casino industry management.

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Event Management (Certificate)

Our Event Management Certificate program is designed to teach you how to combine creative talent and business knowledge to manage events such as meetings, conferences, weddings, trade shows, and other gatherings in our Event Management Certificate program.

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Food & Beverage Operations (Certificate)

In our Food & Beverage Operations Certificate program, you can learn how to use your creative skills and business acumen to manage the customer side of a restaurant, bar, café, or other foodservice establishment.

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