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      Photography Degree Requirements

      In order to be prepared to pursue your degree or diploma, there are a number of requirements we ask that you meet so you are ready to hit the ground running when it comes to your studies. The admissions requirements detail the prerequisites from an academic standpoint that have to be met. The technical requirements detail what you’ll need for your online learning experience.

      Students seeking admission to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division must meet the following requirements shown below.

      The prospective student must be a high school graduate with a minimum, cumulative, final high school CGPA of 2.0 or higher, or hold a General Education Development (GED) Certificate, or associate's degree or higher as a prerequisite for admission.

      Online Orientation

      Each student who enrolls at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division is encouraged to complete an online student orientation prior to the start date of the student's first course. The online orientation helps the student become familiar with different features of the online classroom environment and prepares the student for his or her role as an active learner in the online classroom.

      Technical Requirements

      The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division photography program is designed to allow students to build their equipment suite piece by piece. The first photography course in the Bachelor of Science degree program, G150PH Introduction to Design Applications, only requires investment in a scanner and a student may use a common “point-and-shoot” camera. The first shooting course, PH123 Principles of Digital Photography is where a student makes their first major investment in a Digital SLR Camera, lenses and other accessories. Later in the program an investment will be made for PH136 Lighting in studio lights and an Ambient and Flash Meter; then studio strobes in PH 212 Studio Photography. Additional smaller investments in a photo-quality printer, backgrounds, and color calibrator will be needed at other points in the program.

      By the time a student graduates they will have invested in the equipment they need to set-up their own photography business – a practical investment in their future.

      List of Materials and Equipment Required for the Photography program

      While the total cost will differ for each person, incoming Photography students can expect to invest at approximately $3,100 to $13,000 throughout the duration of this program. These costs are associated with each student acquiring the professional equipment necessary to engage in the primary activities as a professional in the industry; the range is due to the various levels of quality from the minimum required to a higher level.

      Equipment List

      • View the Bachelor of Science in Photography Materials & Equipment Overview
      • HDSLR (High Definition Single Lens Reflex) with interchangeable lens, 10 MB or high sensor resolution, video recording capability of at least 720p at 24fps
      • Memory Card(s)
      • Backup Batteries
      • 18-55mm lens
      • 55-200mm lens
      • Camera Bag (Optional)
      • Medium Sized Tripod - Must be able to firmly secure a SLR Camera + Flash
      • Monopod (Optional)
      • Lighting
      • 2+ Continuous "Hot" Lights
      • 3 Monolights (Studio Strobes) with radio slaves
      • Flash Meter
      • Light Modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes)
      • Light Stands
      • Reflector(s)
      • Diffuser(s)
      • Gray Card
      • Lavalier Microphone
      • External Digital Recorder
      • Neutral Density Filters
      • LED HOT-Shoe Mount Light

      Software Requirements

      • Adobe CS6
      • Adobe Flash Player (Version 10.0 or higher)
      • Adobe Acrobat Professional (Version CS6 or higher)
      • Apple Quicktime (Version 7 or higher)
      • Norton Antivirus (Version 10.2 or higher)
      • Adobe Lightroom
      • Blinkbid
      • Microsoft Office Professional (Version 2010 or higher) or Microsoft Office University 365
      • Snagit
      • Techsmith Jing
      • Skype Free
      • Windows Media Player (Version 12 or higher)

      Minimum Technology Requirements

      • PC: Users should have systems with the following specifications: Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom® II processor; 64-bit support required, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended), 20 GB available hard disk space recommended, 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended) with 16-bit color, 256 MB VRAM, and OpenGL 2.0–capable system.
      • 7200 RPM or faster hard drive (multiple fast disk drives, preferably RAID 0 configured, recommended. QuickTime 7.6.6 software required for QuickTime features.
      • Mac: Users should have systems with the following specifications: Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support, *Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended), 30 GB available hard disk space recommended, 1280x800 display (1280x1024 recommended) with 16-bit color, 256 MB VRAM, and OpenGL 2.0–capable system.7200 RPM hard drive (multiple fast disk drives, preferably RAID 0 configured, recommended.
        *Mac users must have a minimum of OS 10.7 in order to run Adobe Creative Cloud.

      Additional Required Hardware

      • Photo Printer - capable of handling 5.5 x 11 Photo Paper, and minimum of 4+ separate ink cartridges (Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta) to ensure sufficient range of color representation in printing
      • Flatbed Scanner (for G150PH only)
      • Color Management System (Xrite ColorMunki Photo)
      • Mouse

      Additional Optional Items

      • External Hard Drive
      • Desktop Monitor (for Laptops)

      These requirements are based on the System Requirements for running Adobe CC Premiere.

      Internet Requirements

      A broadband connection allowing download speed of 2 Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps is required.

      Web Browser Requirements

      Windows Users: The two latest releases of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome are supported.

      Mac Users: The two latest releases of Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome are supported.

      Visit Journey Ed, America's leading seller of hardware and software to students. Select from a wide variety of software programs and purchase all of your required software online - at a student discount.

      Note: All Courses use the latest version of the software packages required.

      While our students may use any resource to get the required equipment for the Photography program, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division has selected B&H Photo & Video &trade as our recommended vendor for equipment purchasing.

      The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division has done this to make the process easier, and provide our students with a single point of contact.

      If students decide to use B&H Photo & Video to acquire their equipment, they should expect an B&H Photo & Video Educational Sales Representative to assist them in selection of the best equipment based on spec requirements and budget. Students may also access the B&H Photo & Video student portal and use the search functions to assist in product selection.

      A student discount rate is available for those students who are currently enrolled in one video or photo program.

      Students must select the "Become a Member" option and complete a simple verification form. Proof of enrollment is required. Once verified, students will be a member for one year and will be eligible for all student discount rates on purchases during that time period.

      The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division will work directly with B&H Photo & Video during the student verification process to ensure a timely response.

      Students should access the following B&H Photo & Video link to become a member: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/eduRootPage.jsp?edu

      Customer Service: 800-221-7543 or 212-939-7765 Product Questions: 866-276-1435

      * Not all equipment must be purchased at the beginning of the program. Contact your New Student Advisor, Admissions Representative or Faculty member (for those who are already enrolled) about when you will need each item.

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