Scholarship and grant opportunities

At The Art Institutes of Pittsburgh – Online Division, you will receive a practical education that is relevant to a real world career. A wide variety of scholarships are available to help finance your education with us.

The Academic Achievement Grant

The Academic Achievement Grant at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division is an outstanding grant opportunity available exclusively to online students. You may qualify for up to:


Bachelors level programs


Associates level programs


Diploma and Certificate programs

Eligibility for the grant is based on your ability to maintain certain requirements, including successful class completion, maintaining any required monthly payments, and borrowing only enough loan money to cover tuition and fees.

To learn more, review a sample Academic Achievement Grant Memo of Understanding.

To determine your eligibility for this grant and other options, please contact our Admissions Department at 877-872-8869, option 3.

Outside Scholarships

Scholarships come from a variety of institutional, public, and private sources, and typically require you to meet unique eligibility criteria and strict deadline requirements. Be sure to note the deadline of scholarships that interest you.

When searching with scholarships, consider start with these helpful resources:

  • FinAid*
  • Sallie Mae*
  • *Not affiliated with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division.

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