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Total Credit Hours - 42

Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum 42

Students are required to take 14 core courses as follows:

C220 - Intermediate 2D Animation

An introduction to the development of personality and emotion in animated characters is explored. Students will produce an animation of a character expressing emotions and also will work with multiple characters to increase the level of complexity.

C210 or GAD132 Credits: 3 C230 - Advanced 2D Animation

In this course, building on the study of personality and emotion in character animation, students are responsible for organizing the elements required to finish an animated short.

Prerequisite(s): C220 Credits: 3 C440 - Portfolio for 2D Animation

This course will focus on the refinement of previous work into a comprehensive collection representative of Character Animation skills. Emphasis will be on development, design, craftsmanship and presentation. This course begins the process of examining the student’s strengths and building upon them to produce a marketable portfolio.

Successfully completed 36 credits in the 2D Animation Certificate Program Credits: 3 FNDA110 - Observational Drawing

This course involves the observation and translation of three-dimensional form into two-dimensional drawings. Starting with simple shapes and progressing to more complex organic forms, students will build skill levels in composition, line quality, through the use of tone light and shadow.

Prerequisite(s): Credits: 3 FNDA135 - Image Manipulation

In this introduction to raster-based digital image manipulation, students become acquainted with the concepts, hardware, and software, related to digital image acquisition, image editing, manipulation, color management basics, masking, layering, retouching, scanning and output.

Prerequisite(s): Credits: 3 MAAA101 - Language of Animation & Film

Students explore fundamentals of animation through a historical survey. This course will consider trends and genres of animated film in a variety of media.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 3 MAAA102 - Life Drawing & Gesture

In this introductory course on drawing the human figure, students will continue developing their drawing skills. Course will focus on an interpretation of the human body, based on major masses organized by gestural line. Line of action, gesture, motion, measurement, and foreshortening will be covered in this course.

Prerequisite(s): FNDA110 Credits: 3 MAAA111 - Animation Principles

Students will explore and implement the principles of animation through projects that emphasize analyzing real-world movement, adapting that movement for the animation medium, and creating the illusion of life.

Prerequisite(s): MAAA102 Credits: 3 MAAA122 - Drawing & Anatomy

Students will continue to develop drawing skills and will focus on basic anatomical structures of human and animal forms.

Prerequisite(s): MAAA102 Credits: 3 MAAA202 - Character & Object Design

This course focuses on designing and drawing characters or objects for animation using line to accurately delineate the form. Attention is given to appropriate proportion and form for an animated character or object. Characters and objects are created using various media.

Prerequisite(s): MAAA102 Credits: 3 MAAA204 - Acting & Movement for Animators

The course is an introduction of acting as a tool of research through studies of animated movement. Characters' personality, expression, motivation, body language, and posture will be studied through classroom exercises in a variety of media.

Prerequisite(s): MAAA111 Credits: 3 MAAA212 - 2D Animation

Students will apply animation principles to produce a sequence. Emphasis will be placed on timing and performance. Use of various image acquisition techniques, pencil tests, inking, and other 2D animation skills will be explored.

Prerequisite(s): MAAA111 Credits: 3 MAAA222 - Storyboarding & Animatics

This course focuses on applying industry-standard storyboarding techniques for animation. Topics to be covered include the various purposes, formats, terminology, and concepts used in the creation of storyboards and animatics with audio.

Prerequisite(s): MAAA203 Credits: 3 MAAA363 - Advanced Illustration for Production

Students will refine their illustration techniques through an advanced study of illustration media while solving design problems related to a variety of print and online venues. Personal style will be emphasized while students create an illustration portfolio using appropriate rendering techniques as well as typography. Deadlines and professional presentation will be stressed throughout the course.

Prerequisite(s): FNDA135 Credits: 3