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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division Invites Students to Have a "Super Summer"

written by Georgia Schumacher 18 August 2011

For students at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, while studies are undoubtedly important, they also have the opportunity to participate in fun activities like “Super Summer,” a contest recently held in Connections, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division’s exclusive social network. Each day, students were presented with a task, with a chance to win either an gift card or a gift card if their response to the task was chosen.

The five tasks were as follows:

  • Task One: Students were provided with a Photoshop template and instructed to turn themselves into a superhero either with the provided resources or by using their own design means.
  • Task Two: Go to the Featured Events page on the school website, choose your favorite event, and state why you chose it in Connections.
  • Task Three: Identify a movie, book, record, television show, or anything else that you saw, read, or listened to this summer that you loved and post your review in Connections.
  • Task Four: Identify your hero. It could be your kids, your parents, a good friend, a teacher, a leader, a role model, or anyone else who inspires you. Write a description of that person and what makes them heroic.
  • Task Five: Find a blog post or article that is related to your program of study. Write a brief description of this article and explain why it interests you.

The winners of “Super Summer” were announced shortly after the contest’s end. If you’re an Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division student who missed out on this contest, be sure to keep an eye on Connections in the Campus Common for the latest fun activities!