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Students collaborating at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division

Top 4 Tips for Effective Mobile Advertising

written by 14 December 2012

According to a report released by StrongMail in May 2012, more than two-thirds of all companies are planning to expand their mobile marketing plans in the next 12 months. This is good news, except for the fact that most of these companies do not have the right marketing strategies for this platform. As a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, you may have some ideas about how to make advertising for mobile more effective. Review the tips below for further inspiration.

  1. Know your audience
    The important of this tip cannot be overstated: if you know your audience, you’ll have a much better idea of how to market to them. One way to effectively reach them is to sit down and think about who they are and what they need. You can then adapt your strategy around these ideas.
  2. Make it fun
    Give your audience a reason to care about your content. Make it unique and include interactive elements when possible, games or anything else you think might catch your audience’s attention based on the information you gathered in our first tip.
  3. Use QR codes
    If you use printed advertisements, incorporate QR codes on them. This way your tech savvy audiences can scan them and link to your websites. Spread the codes on different printed materials so that you can reach a wide audience.
  4. Use different channels
    Mobile marketing is an umbrella phrase for a few different forms of marketing. Sending SMS messages, using customized apps and placing advertisements in different applications are all methods of mobile marketing. Mobile gadgets change all the time, so you should strive to evolve with them. The hot app that is being downloaded by everybody now may be irrelevant in a year or two. Instead of over-focusing on one channel, test all of them to see which works best in your industry. In most cases, your strategies will work best if you use all the channels simultaneously.