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Unique Study Tips for Online Learners

written by 26 November 2012

Online students know that it’s important to study to do well in school. Listed below are just a few unique tips you can implement in your life to make absorbing all of that important information much easier.

  • Hitting the books before you decide to hit the sack can help your brain absorb more information and help you retain it. Also, when you review information before you go to sleep, you are telling your brain that the information is important. Your brain then stores that information in your long term memory and allows you to recall the information quickly. During the day, your brain is taking in a lot of different information, but by studying before bed, you are presenting one specific type of information which eliminates any unneeded clutter from filling up your memory.
  • Using index cards when studying for a test has often been referred to as the no-fail study solution. By creating flash cards that have the question on the front and the answer for that question on the back, you are creating a visual source for your memory. Our brains tends to remember a lot of information in a photographic way. When you consistently review the flash cards, you're allowing the questions and answers to store within your brain which will allow you to visualize the answers during a test.
  • Recording the information on audio or video can increase the amount of information a student remembers. On the recording, discuss all of the information on the test and the answers for any questions you may need to know. Listening to this recording on a daily basis creates something called auditory studying. Much like when your professor speaks to you during class, creating your own recording will store the information in your long-term memory. You can also play the recording while you sleep because your subconscious mind will still take in the information even if you are in a deep sleep.

Using these three study tips before an important exam can help you to better prepare for important assignments and exams. You can use all three of these methods together, or try each one separately and find the method that you find to be most effective for remembering information.