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Put your vision in motion

You’re driven to see your art come to life. Now you’re ready to take the first step. This is your opportunity to learn the skills and get the training to create compelling animation for video games, websites, television, and many more venues where success hinges on creative minds like yours.

Media Arts & Animation (Bachelor's Degree)

In our Media Arts & Animation Bachelor of Science degree program, you can get the training you need to start filling the world with your creativity and pursue a career in the media arts doing what you love.

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2D Animation (Certificate)

Our 2D Animation Certificate program can help you build focused technical skills so that you’re prepared to pursue an entry-level career in 2D animation.

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3D Animation (Certificate)

The 3D Animation Certificate program gives you an opportunity to develop the comprehensive skills you’ll need to work in the field of 3D animation.

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