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Total Credit Hours - 180

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design are required to take a total of 55 courses as follows:

  • 37 core courses
  • 3 core electives
  • 5 required general education courses
  • 10 general education electives

Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum 111 cr.

Students are required to take 37 core courses as follows:

FND134 - Photography

An introductory-level class that explores the principles of photography as well as the utilization of photography as a means of documenting design projects and portfolio pieces. This course covers the basic principles for lighting, setup and shooting with 35mm and digital cameras. Students will photograph both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. Students will be taught basic principles of using a video camcorder.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 3 FND135 - Introduction to Web Design

This course introduces basic web page design and development techniques using basic HTML. Students will create web pages utilizing the basic language of web documents, in addition to many of the other effects and extension scripts available for that medium. Aesthetic design principles such as page layout, type design, imaging and development using an HTML authoring tool will be covered. Students will publish files and optimize them for size and quality using an FTP host.

G133 or FND133 Credits: 3 FNDA105 - Design Fundamentals

This introductory course will explore the principles of design, and introduce and develop the creative process.  Design elements and relationships will be identified and employed to establish a basis for aesthetic sensitivity and critical analysis.  Design will be presented as a tool of communication.

Prerequisite(s): Credits: 3 FNDA110 - Observational Drawing

This course involves the observation and translation of three-dimensional form into two-dimensional drawings. Starting with simple shapes and progressing to more complex organic forms, students will build skill levels in composition, line quality, through the use of tone light and shadow.

Prerequisite(s): Credits: 3 FNDA120 - Perspective Drawing

This course is a fundamental drawing course where the students will explore various art and media and learn to use a variety of drawing tools with an emphasis on perspective, where the students will draw three-dimensional objects in one-, two-, and three-point perspective.

Prerequisite(s): FNDA110 Credits: 3 FNDA135 - Image Manipulation

In this introduction to raster-based digital image manipulation, students become acquainted with the concepts, hardware, and software, related to digital image acquisition, image editing, manipulation, color management basics, masking, layering, retouching, scanning and output.

Prerequisite(s): Credits: 3 FNDA150 - Digital Color Theory

Introduction to the principles of color and an exploration of color theory as it relates to media.

Prerequisite(s): Credits: 3 G120 - Life Drawing

Students will draw from live models and examine the anatomy, proportion, surface planes and movement of the human form. Beginning with basic gesture drawings, the student will progress to sketching detailed figure representations. The student will explore the relationship of muscle structure, skeletal structure, light and shadow, movement and form in the tangible representation of a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional plane.

Prerequisite(s): FND110 FND113 Credits: 3 G121 - Concept Development

This course will emphasize the conceptualization processes of art and design in solving given problems. The student will use creative problem-solving and research techniques, specifically, problem identification, analysis, brainstorming and idea refinement. Portfolio-quality projects will be produced throughout the course of the term.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 3 G131 - Typography

This course is an introduction to the history of the evolution and application of typography for the perception of meaning, intention and personality of the written word. This course is equivalent to MM133

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 3 G132 - History and Analysis of Design

A study of the art movements that have structured the field of graphic design covering political, social and economic influences and the analysis of contemporary design and design trends.

Prerequisite(s): FND112 Credits: 3 G133 - Digital Image Manipulation

This course is designed to explore photo retouching, image manipulation and the creation of original artwork using computers and appropriate software. Compositing, color adjustment and effects through the use of filters will be stressed.

Prerequisite(s): G150 Credits: 3 G135 - Graphic Symbolism

This course examines the importance of graphic symbols in design. Logos and other symbolic images will be examined in historic and contemporary contexts. Graphic elements, simplified imagery, and abstract shapes, as well as typography will be used to create individualized logo designs and images.

Prerequisite(s): FND111 FND112 Credits: 3 G210 - Mixed Media

This course explores the basic aspects of drawing and painting as related to illustration. The application of various media and techniques is emphasized while developing a series of illustrative studies.

Prerequisite(s): FND110 Credits: 3 G211 - Advanced Typography

This course will explore printed communication and the use of typography as an exclusive element of design. The course will focus on the development of marketable, original and creative problem solving solutions with an emphasis on professional presentation techniques.

Prerequisite(s): G131 Credits: 3 G212 - Electronic Design

This course will explore various means of indicating, placing and manipulating visual elements in page design, systematically developing strong and creative layout solutions by means of a cumulative, conceptual design process. The ability to effectively integrate photographs, illustrations, display and type will be developed using page composition software.

G150 and FND112 or PH135 Credits: 3 G223 - Digital Image Manipulation II

This course is designed to enhance further the skills acquired in previous image manipulation and technology based classes. Emphasis will be placed on advanced applications and the identification of the best solution for an assigned task. Integration of programs to achieve a required product will also be emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): G133 Credits: 3 G224 - Design Principles

This course will concentrate on utilizing design principles and theories in problem solving, focusing on the importance of layout composition. Emphasis will be on the process of design development from roughs to comprehensives, layout, and the use of grid systems for multi-component layouts. Critical analysis will be applied through the usage of type and layout to create clear, communicative design.

Prerequisite(s): FND112 Credits: 3 G230 - Digital Illustration

Students will produce computer-generated compositions as related to the advertising, design and illustration artist.

Prerequisite(s): G150 Credits: 3 G231 - Corporate Identity

The role of design in a corporate identity program will be the focus of this course. An analysis of corporate objectives and practical applications will be the basis for developing a structured corporate image system including logo design and other business communication applications.

Prerequisite(s): G212 G230 Credits: 3 G310 - Dimensional Design

Students will explore 3-dimensional designs and processes, and how they relate to advertising design. Familiarization with materials, processes and procedures of 3-D design, and the requirements necessary to scale, and construct various dimensional pieces will be studied.

Prerequisite(s): G131 G223 Credits: 3 G311 - Art Direction

This course will examine the role of the art director in producing multi-faceted design projects. Exercises will train students in coordinating creative efforts from concept to finished product. A team environment is emphasized and aims to acquaint the students with the necessity of leadership ability, communication and negotiating skills.

Prerequisite(s): FND112 G121 Credits: 3 G312 - Design and Technology

This course will utilize computer applications interfacing the graphic and applied arts. Students will produce contemporary advertising and graphic design portfolio projects. Emphasis will be placed on creative concepts, good typography usage, image manipulation and presentation techniques.

Prerequisite(s): G133 G230 Credits: 3 G320 - Intermediate Illustration

This course will focus on various applications of media and techniques in conjunction with concept development, research, and references. Drawing, designing, and painting skills will be further refined through illustrative compositions. Contemporary illustrators and their techniques will also be discussed and studied.

Prerequisite(s): G133 G210 Credits: 3 G330 - Graphic Illustration

This course will concentrate on the application of design elements in a stylized illustration. Attention to detail and rendering techniques will be emphasized and refined.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 3 G331 - Contemporary Typography

This course will explore the current design trends in typography. The work of contemporary type designers: David Carson, Rodney Sheldon Fehsenfeld, Bill Nelson and others will be analyzed. Emphasis will be placed on experimentation of creative, innovative, new wave type designing.

Prerequisite(s): G211 Credits: 3 G333 - Packaging Design

This course will focus on design principles that are applied to the development of three-dimensional product graphics.  Materials, processes, industry guidelines, and restrictions will be addressed as they pertain to surface treatments of packaging. 

Prerequisite(s): G133 G230 Credits: 3 G350 - Web Scripting

This course utilizes basic web page scripting techniques and software for web site design and development. Design solutions include the use of basic CSS and Javascript languages. Students will create web sites utilizing CSS, the basic scripting language of web documents, in addition to many of the other effects and extension scripts available for that medium. Aesthetic design principles such as page layout, type design, imaging and development using a CSS authoring tool will be covered. Javascript image galleries will also be explored.

Prerequisite(s): FND135 Credits: 3 G410 - Editorial Illustration

This course will explore various conceptual illustrators and their visions. It will examine the integration of drawing, painting and design as expressed in illustrative compositions. Emphasis is placed on conceptual development, research, references and the application of various media and techniques. The importance of visual thinking and how to express a story through illustration will be discussed.

Prerequisite(s): G210 G330 Credits: 3 G412 - Advertising Design

This course will explore the various aspects of advertising design communications with the development of creative, original concepts. The preparation of concepts will utilize the principles of design, typography, color and problem solving skills and stress attention to detail, deadlines, professional presentation and cultural diversity. The course will also delve into the inner workings of advertising agencies and graphic design studios, contracts and billing along with the business ethics of the design and advertising fields.

Prerequisite(s): G131 Credits: 3 G420 - Portfolio Preparation for Graphic Design

This course will focus on the refinement of previous works into a comprehensive collection representative of graphic design skills. Emphasis will be on conceptual development, design, craftsmanship, and presentation.

150 credits successfully completed Credits: 3 G422 - Communication Design

This course will explore the role of design in corporate communications. The analysis of corporate objectives and target markets will be the basis for designing corporate communications that use typography and visuals effectively.

Prerequisite(s): G331 Credits: 3 G427 - Basic Web Animation

This course utilizes basic Web animation techniques and software for multimedia and web site design. Design solutions include animated presentations with images, sound and motion. Basic navigation skills will be covered along with drawing, painting, and incorporating text. Special effects and multimedia movies will also be explored.

Prerequisite(s): G350 Credits: 3 G430 - Portfolio G430 This course will prepare students for job interviews by helping them compile a portfolio. Students will demonstrate their conceptual, design, craftsmanship and other skills as they assemble and refine their portfolio pieces. Working individually with an instructor, each student will select representative pieces, showcasing work that reflects a unique style. Prerequisite(s): 165 credits successfully completed Credits: 3 G435 - Experimental Typography

This course is designed to further investigate the power and beauty of expressive typography and its applications.  the use of computer software and non-traditional media are explored.  Projects will include kinetic typography, unique typeface/font design and creative title designs. 

Prerequisite(s): G211 G331 Credits: 3 G444 - Interactive Portfolio Design

This course introduces design and development concepts for Graphic Design students who will identify, interpret, and implement the roles and responsibilities of Web industry design team members. Web page scripting skills, aesthetic design principles such as page layout, type design, imaging and development of web pages will be used. Students will design and develop the overall identity for a self promotional Website showcasing their graphic design portfolio.

Prerequisite(s): FND135 Credits: 3 G450 - Contemporary Design Issues

This course will focus on sustainability and the social, artistic and ethical responsibility of the graphic designer. Students will study business ethics and practices, and utilize graphic design as a communication art to produce socially aware projects relying heavily on research.  Graphic design’s influence on social, environmental, and political issues as well as practical considerations of the client/designer relationship will be explored.

Prerequisite(s): G311 G412 Credits: 3 GWDA101 - Applications & Industry

Web design and graphic design applications, tools, and industry practices. Includes file management practices, basics of markup language and styling. Introduction to illustration and image manipulation software relevant to the web design and graphic design industries.

Prerequisite(s): Credits: 3 Core Electives 9 cr.

Students are required to take 3 core elective courses from the list below:

CC420 - Internship Through a field internship experience, students will be able to apply acquired subject matter and career/professional skills in a real and practical situation. The main objectives of the internship are to allow students the opportunity to observe and participate in the operation of successful business in relation to their fields of study. The students will gain experience needed to enter the field upon graduation. Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of at least 75 credits in their discipline with a 2.75 or higher CGPA Credits: 3 CC430 - Internship II

Interested students may apply to the Internship Program, which allows students to work for credit with cooperating industry employers. Institute staff will coordinate the program with students and employers. This is a second internship in academic programs which permit the student to take two internships.

150 credits successfully completed in the program of study Credits: 3 CC478 - Special Projects This class is designed to emulate a real world environment by combining the skills of students from more than one curriculum. One quarter a project may be selected that will require video, animation, and industrial design students to complete the final project. Another quarter, the project may require video, photography and multimedia and web skills. Projects will vary and students and faculty will have the ability to propose projects for future classes. Prerequisite(s): Has successfully completed at least 75 credits in their discipline with a 2.5 or higher GPA. Credits: 3 G130 - Painting Students study in-depth development of painting and various painting techniques. Emphasis will be placed on the application of value and tonal studies using a variety of wet and dry media. Prerequisite(s): FND111 FND112 G120 Credits: 3 G431 - Digital Illustration II

This course will concentrate on the concept and originality of ideas in digital illustration and will also explore vector-based applications to be used as tools to create digital illustrations. Illustrations created in this course will be applied to design formats and page layouts.

Prerequisite(s): G230 G330 Credits: 3 GDE404 - Advanced Life Drawing

This course will concentrate on the exaggerated and stylized drawing of the human figure that enhances its expressive and theatrical appearance. This course is equivalent to GAD131

Prerequisite(s): G120 G320 Credits: 3 GDE406 - Advanced Computer Graphics

This course will concentrate on advanced use of digital composition and design tools. The student will explore photo manipulation, type design and page layout. Portfolio quality projects will be emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 3 GDE407 - Airbrush Basics

This introduction to airbrush rendering will discuss terminology, materials and equipment. Basic illustrative techniques utilizing the airbrush as a rendering tool will be introduced and applied. Concentration will be on reference, drawing skills, composition, color application, light and shadow and the use of the airbrush.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 3 GDE408 - Airbrush Techniques

This course will further explore the various techniques of airbrush rendering. Original images and projected technical drawings will be developed and utilized in the execution of full-color illustrations. Concentration will be on line, texture, medium, transparency and translucency.

Prerequisite(s): GDE407 Credits: 3 GDE409 - Environmental Graphics

This course is a comparative and comprehensive study and presentation of design and graphics as applied to the environment. Focus is placed on client needs, functional design solutions and aesthetic value. Emphasis will be on research and collaboration with actual clients.

Prerequisite(s): G121 Credits: 3 GDE416 - Information Graphics

The focus of this course is on the various avenues of the processing and translation of information in a visual format. Current media, including print, telecommunications, online communications, signage, marketing trends, and strategies are reviewed and utilized in the development of creative solutions to design problems.

Prerequisite(s): G331 Credits: 3 GDE417 - Advanced Illustration

This course will continue the exploration and application of illustrative renderings to augment the solution of advertising and design problems. Emphasis will be placed on meeting deadlines, use of applicable rendering techniques, application of appropriate typography and professional presentation methods.

Prerequisite(s): G410 Credits: 3 GDE420 - Design Studio I

The focus of this course is on the processing of client information into a visual format along with the interaction with clients in a working design studio setting. Students work in team scenarios as well as individually. A variety of media, including print, on-line communication, signage and marketing/advertising strategies are reviewed and utilized toward the development of creative solutions that directly meet actual client needs. Printing, paper stock, freelance and various business issues are also discussed. 3 credits

Prerequisite(s): COM1010 G322 minimum CGPA of 3.2 Credits: 3 GDE421 - Design Studio II This course is a continuation of Design Studio I. Students continue the process of working client information into visual formats and further interact with clients to produce printed work. Students will continue to work in team scenarios although more emphasis is placed in Design Studio II on individual creative exploration. Students will follow through on the completion of client projects as well as refine their presentation skills. 3 credits Prerequisite(s): GDE420 minimum GPA of 3.2 Credits: 3 GDE436 - Digital Photography II

This course will expand previous photography knowledge and skills, and apply them to the photography of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, including projects, using a digital camera. This course will encompass lighting, composition, photographic techniques, and computer manipulations.

Prerequisite(s): FND134 Credits: 3 GDE437 - Advertising Design II

This course will focus on the concept and craft of advertising design and art direction. Creative problem solving will be explored in individual and team projects. Students will learn how to take simple ideas and empower them with drama and appropriate impact to deliver a message. Projects will include single format and integrated advertising campaigns for consumer, business to business, and non-profit clients.

Prerequisite(s): G412 Credits: 3 GDE440 - Web Animation II

This course will focus on research, layout and marketability based on current web design trends. Students will refine basic web skills to produce industry standard dynamic and interactive web interfaces. Students will design and develop the overall identity for a self-promotional website showcasing their graphic design portfolio.

Prerequisite(s): G427 Credits: 3 GDE445 - Dynamic Digital Illustration

This course will concentrate on advertising illustration utilizing vector-based applications and will explore graphic designs for product and apparel. Students will be exposed to multiple techniques, and illustrations will be applied to design formats and page layouts.

Prerequisite(s): G230 Credits: 3 General Education 20 cr.

Students are required to take 5 required general education courses as follows:

ART1000 - Introduction to the Visual Arts

This course will introduce students to the central principles in art, architecture, and design by using an interdisciplinary approach to examine the creative process, the historical and cultural background, and the various stylistic influences that go into making different forms of art. The course will build visual analysis skills through the development of specific art vocabulary.   By examining art in a variety of artistic fields, students will gain an enriched understanding of the interconnectedness of the arts in their social, cultural, and academic contexts.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 4 COM1010 - Introduction to Communications


In this course students will develop and refine oral and written presentation skills focusing on compiling, organizing and outlining the research material. Through a series of speeches, students will work to become better public speakers and have a basic understanding of various theories of communication. Emphasis is placed on communication theories and techniques used in interpersonal group, public, intercultural, and mass communication situations.



Prerequisite(s): ENG1010 Credits: 4 COM3010 - Advanced Communications

The purpose of this course is to examine the theoretical and practical aspects involved in effective communication. The course will emphasize essential elements of communication in both personal and professional environments as well as identify and analyze efficient oral and written delivery techniques.

Prerequisite(s): COM2005 ENG1010
75 or more credits completed for A.S. students; 150 or more credits completed for B.S. students Credits: 4 ENG1010 - Composition and Language

Students will be introduced to college level writing processes, including theme, composition, and research. Students will adhere to standard conventions of written English.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 4 MTH1010 - College Math (11 week course)

This course is designed to provide the student with the mathematical skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in higher level science, business, and mathematics courses. The main topics covered include signed numbers and fractions, algebraic expressions, linear equations, graphing, polynomials, and exponents.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: 4 General Education Electives 40 cr.

Students are required to take a total of 10 General Education elective courses as follows:

  • 2 Social Science electives
  • 1 Humanities elective
  • 1 Science/Math elective
  • 6 General Education electives 

At least three General Education electives must be taken at the 2000 level or higher and three additional electives must be taken at the 3000 level or higher.

Some courses are offered on a rotating basis.

Transitional Courses 0-3 cr.

Placement tests in English are administered to determine if a student needs additional preparation in this area. If a need is indicated, accepted applicants are placed into a developmental course on the basis of their placement test scores and/or transfer credit. Students must successfully complete or place out of the transitional course in order to progress in the program. Transitional course credits do not count towards the total number of credits for graduation or cumulative grade point average. Taking transitional classes increases the number of courses a student will take and may extend the number of quarters a student will be in attendance.

ENG095 - Reading and Writing Skills

This course emphasizes the study of basic competencies needed in order to perform satisfactorily in a college-level English course. Specifically, this includes grammatical, mechanical, and usage skills essential to produce competent paragraphs and essays.

Prerequisite(s): None Credits: