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Student services at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division

Community Guidelines

Online community forums offer a great space for members with common interests to engage in a dialog and share ideas on a range of topics. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division supports healthy discourse, which is why we have forums on social websites as well as our internal Connections platform.

For discussions to remain viable, we ask that participants conduct themselves in a responsible fashion by following the simple guidelines below. These help to maintain a collaborative and congenial environment by reminding us all that, when we communicate online, we are still engaging real people.

Respect others' views. You may disagree with them, but do so civilly and constructively. Pause before writing a response when you are angry, and reread your post carefully before clicking send.

Stick to the discussion topic. Be respectful of participants and their time by staying on-topic and not hijacking a discussion with tangential or unrelated comments. Contribute productive information when participating in a discussion.

Do not post personal information. Avoid posting information such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc., and do not post someone else's personal information!

Do not post offensive or hateful content. We do not permit posts that are obscene, harassing, sexually explicit or derogatory toward individuals or groups. These will be deleted, and repeat offenders may be barred from future participation.

Do not post copyrighted material without the express, documented permission of the copyright holder.

Do not post unhelpful attacks on The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Libelous, defamatory, aggressive or damagingly misrepresentative posts and comments about The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, faculty or administrators are not permitted. We encourage students who may have an issue or grievance to contact their student advisor to address problems quickly. Constructive comments are always welcome, but please adhere to the guidelines when posting them.

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